“Smallville” MEC Space Website 2007/2008
To create a series of realistic space website and pages within a few days turnaround.

First, names were cleared by legal and then logos were created and approved. These were combined with images and content in photoshop. The Art Director gave direction in regards to the number of websites, pages and hero beats according to the script and Directors/Producers. Upon approval, the mock-ups were then handed over to the Playback Department to animate.

This series of mock space websites first appeared on desktop computers in the Isis Foundation set, where Chloe did her best work hacking, on the Warner Bros./CW Network television series “Smallville” Season VII – episode 17 Sleeper.

The last shot shows how the images projected on a large screen where Chloe is finally caught by the FBI, down the hall from the Ace of Clubs.