Hello. I am Kristina Lyne, a designer with a producing twist. An outdoor enthusiast who enjoys playing in the garden, I also possess a strong equine connection and believe chocolate is a food group. Passionate about film,
I adore typography and create visual solutions…one frame at a time.

For many years, I have been employed as a Graphic Designer, Assistant Art Director and Art Director and collaborated with some of Hollywood North’s most talented individuals. We created make-believe worlds from space ships to even a primate prison!

Productions include independent feature such as “Saved!” to Hollywood extravaganzas like “War for the Planet of the Apes.” On Vancouver’s original series, “the X-Files” Season IV, our Art Department crew won an Emmy Award for our efforts. What a touch of stardust to add to my career! Review my credit history here.

The decision to upgrade my skills led me to Vancouver Film School where I attended the intensive Digital Design program taught by some of the leading industry professionals. Surrounded by inspirational and international classmates, I studied project management, interactive and motion graphics.

Equipped with new vocabulary and a renewed enthusiasm, I look forward to exciting new projects on my horizon!

My Process


Start the day with the sound of seagulls crying overhead.

Coffee = go

Grab a grande soya mocha latte – no whip, thank you – to go.

Work, work, work

Surround myself with people who ooze creative juices and soak it up.

Chill out and ride

Get outside and spend some quality equine time with my baby, Bentley.