Hello. I am Kristina Lyne, a designer with a producing twist. An outdoor enthusiast who enjoys playing in the Pacific, I also possess a strong equine connection and believe chocolate is a food group. Passionate about film, I adore typography and enjoy creating visual solutions…one frame at a time.

For several years, I worked with some of the most talented individuals in Hollywood North.
We created make-believe worlds where I was employed as a Graphic Designer, Assistant Art Director and Art Director. Take a peek at some
of the exciting projects I had the opportunity to collaborate on – from restaurants to space ships!

Productions include independent feature films such as “Saved!,” right up to Hollywood extra-
vaganzas like “The Chronicles of Riddick.” During my time on Vancouver’s own sweetheart television series, “The X-Files” Season IV, the Art and Set Dec crew won an Emmy Award for

our endeavours. What a touch of stardust to add to my career! Review my credit history here.

The decision to upgrade my skills led me to Vancouver Film School where I took the
intensive one year Digital Design program. Surrounded by inspirational and international classmates, we studied project management, interactive and motion graphics taught by some
of the top industry professionals.

Equipped with a new vocabulary and a renewed enthusiasm, I am looking forward to exciting new projects on my horizon!

My Process


Start the day with the sound of seagulls crying overhead.

Coffee = go

Grab a grande soya mocha latte – no whip, thank you – to go.

Work, work, work

Surround myself with people who ooze creative juices and soak it up.

Chill out and ride

Get outside and spend some quality equine time with my baby, Bentley.