Smallville Christmas Crew Party Poster 2007

To design a crew party invitation in the form of a poster and flyer to attach to the call sheet.

Due to the fact that the show was in it’s Seventh Season and things were always done in a similar manner each year, my new direction had to win over all my superiors.

The printed or in-house communication had always taken on the tone of the colourful comic book “on screen” world of the show. However, I wanted to add a more mature twist. Therefore, I reworked the show logo and highlighted the “Seven” skewer poking out of a block of kryptonite. This final solution poster was a celebration of that direction. It was a bit more of an elegant approach towards all those that worked behind-the-scenes. This final solution was highly praised by many crew members on the Warner Bros/CW Network television series “Smallville.”