“Godiva’s” Hero Logo & Menus 2004

To create an identity strategy for the main set in the show, Godiva’s Restaurant & Bar.

The font for Godiva’s had been chosen before I started the contract. Therefore, the logo direc-
tion was preset.

The approval process included in-house approval by the Art Director and Production Designer, who in turn got it approved by the Producers and Director. External approval from the Legal Department was also required. Then it was a matter of applying it to the printed material and creating signage, both interior and exterior. As the set designer worked next to me, it enabled me to solidify the colour scheme, based off material elements like the copper ceiling and complimentary visuals,
such as a section of the mural illustration. This gave my final identity a unified look.

The final logo and printed material was designed as part of an identity package for the hero set, a restaurant called “Godiva’s” on the television series “Godiva’s” Season I.