Final Gala Event Poster
Orange is the New Black Gala Fundraising Poster Poster 2014

To design an identity, including a new logo and series of printed material to help advertise a Fundraising Gala entitled “Orange is the New Black.”

“Orange is the New Black” television series became the theme for an event hosted by the hero school in our television series. After the name was cleared through Legal, a new logo had to be designed. I used elements of incarceration as well as the colour orange to achieve this. Once my mark obtained the stamp of approval from the Production Designer, it also had to be vetted by the Producers and finally Legal before we could proceed. Once cleared, the colours and jail elements were applied to all files in a consistent manner. The final event printed material, from posters to paperwork, appeared throughout the set.

This process occurred within a 7 day turnaround.

This is one of the printed poster that appeared on the Bravo Network television series “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce” Season I – episode 12.