“Snow White” Compendium Case Study 2011

To create digital assets, both 3D and 2D, for a cross-discipline Vancouver Film School (VFS) short film intended for the iPad.

My participation in the project included several aspects. In pre-production, script development with the Producers and another Digital Designer (DD) occured. During this phase, artistic direction was explored by the DD’s. When a storyline was approved, storyboards and visual research for set dressing were created. Then, my focus turned to 3 of the 7 sets: the Gambler’s, the Hunter’s and the Letch’s Apartment Set. At this stage, I created look frames for those 3 sets. Finally, due to a lack of dressers, budget and time constraints, I helped build the physical sets.

During the one day shoot, my assistance was required in terms of Props and Set Dressing. Here, collaboration with the Director and D.O.P. during the green screen shoot also happened.

In post, a “rough” key of the insert green screen footage in After Effects for my 3 sets was required. Some 3D assets were built in Maxon Cinema 4D. At this stage, the other DD and I passed the footage and assets over to a 3D VFS Student to continue with the final keying and compilation.

The final short was the first project created at Vancouver Film School which was shot on a 3D red one camera…in one continuous shot. This project was a collaborative effort which required the talents and enthusiasm of many students and supporting professionals.

The first video is my Case Study and it further explains my participation on “Snow White.”
The YouTube video, by the Entertainment Business Management class, shows more behind-
the-scenes footage and interviews with several participants.